S. Robinson & Associate is Idaho's private investigator for business & criminal investigations throughout Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Twin Falls, & Idaho Falls.

Idaho's Business & Criminal Private Investigator

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Business Private Investigations

We provide asset, fraud, employee theft, and insurance private investigations throughout Idaho.

Business, Financial & Insurance Fraud Investigation Services

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Trained by the US Attorney's Office of Idaho in asset investigation, tracing and locating, we've been involved with numerous in-depth financial investigations. We serve clients throughout Boise and Southern Idaho with a full range of business investigation services including:
Asset Location & Tracing
Business Fraud Investigations
Employee Theft Investigations
Unemployment Investigations
Background Checks
Insurance Fraud Investigations
Worker's Compensation Fraud
Unemployment Investigations
Loss Prevention Investigations
Video & Undercover Surveillance

Criminal Private Investigations

Idaho's independent private investigator for homicide, drug, DNA, and crime investigations.

Idaho's Homicide, Drug, & DNA Criminal Investigation Experts

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Due to our background and expertise we have been called upon to lead some of Idaho‚Äôs most complex murder cases.  We are qualified as Expert Witnesses for Death Investigations, Illegal Drug and Methamphetamine Investigations in the 5th  Judicial District. As one of Idaho's most experienced Private Criminal Investigators, our investigations include:
Homicide Investigation
Questionable Suicide
Wrongful Death
Drug Investigations
Felony Crimes
Police & Investigator Error
Evidence Tampering
Crime Scene Reconstruction
DNA & Trace Evidence
Blood & Gun Shot Residue
Witness & Victim Interviews

Attorney & Agency Assistance

We assist attorneys and government agencies with private investigations throughout Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, Sun Valley, Twin Falls & Idaho Falls.

Independent Investigations For Attorneys & Government Agencies

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We are Idaho's "go-to" private investigator for attorneys and government agencies. Our independent investigations are used when there is suspected false accusation, evidence tampering, police misconduct, or criminal investigator error. Whether before, during, or after a trial, we provide thorough and professional investigations from an objective standpoint; that are authoritative in court testimony. We serve attorneys and agencies throughout Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Sun Valley, Twin Falls, Pocatello and Idaho Falls.

Court Testimony Expertise

S. Robinson & Associates is a full service private investigator with extensive court trial and testimony expertise.

Professional Case Preparation & Experienced Courtroom Testimony

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We have performed hundreds of hours of Idaho courtroom testimony in hundreds of cases. We understand Idaho's court hearing procedures and rules of evidence, how to compile an investigative case file and present a case before a court or jury. With over 40 years of investigation experience, we have a strong record of success in both private defense investigations and criminal prosecution investigations. Consultations are free and confidential, call or contact us about your case.
SR Investigations is Idaho's private investigator with over 40 years of detective experience.
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S. Robinson & Associates is Idaho's foremost private investigator serving Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Nampa & southern Idaho.
Wrongful Death Investigation
Crime Scene Reconstruction
DNA & Trace Evidence
Police Misconduct & Error
Attorney Assistance
Employee Theft & Fraud
Private Investigator For Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Sun Valley, Twin Falls, Pocatello & Idaho Falls
S. Robinson & Associates
Former Idaho Department Of Criminal Investigations Lead Investigator
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S. Robinson & Associates provides private investigation and detective services to attorneys, private individuals, businesses & government agencies.
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